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Project overview

The problem

COVID-19 brought a lot of problems to the humanity, including overseas travel. Lots of countries denied entry for foreigners or allow only with a very narrow selection of travel purposes. Now we must do a lot of research in order to prepare all necessary documents in order to enter the country we want. It is very time consuming for people to figure out their travel eligibility.

Project duration

December - April, 2022

The goal

Design an app that will help users to figure out their overseas travel eligibility within few clicks.

My role

UX designer leading the app design from conception to delivery

The product

COVItrip is a dedicated app aimed at providing instant eligibility check for people who want to travel overseas with whatever purpose(s) they have. It allows you to register your profile with information needed for determining your travel eligibility instantly. The service team will monitor and update entry requirements for every country daily. Also the app will display infographics regarding entry regulations for every country and new covid cases with daily updates.

My responsibilities

Conducting interviews, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, iterating on designs, determining information architecture, and responsive design.

  • COVItrip will help people to check travel eligibility to other countries within few clicks.

  • The entry requirements to every country will be monitored daily to keep users up to date.

  • If there is a country decided to relax or strengthen entry requirements - COVItrip will notify the user through push notifications.

  • The service will regularly update recent information on number of countries with different entry restriction level and current COVID-19 situation worldwide.



Understanding the user

User research

I found some people who made donations through some donation organizations and conducted a user interview to find any disadvantages of current donation  channels and ways to improve the way we donate. Most users were having problems choosing where to donate so their donation would be useful and received by the person in need. Another good number of users would like to donate food and things, but don’t know where it will be needed most. I’ve gained a very valuable feedback and developed two personas that will help me to define problem statements and develops solutions.



Name: Mylene

Age: 21

Occupation: Student, part-time photographer

Mylene is a student in university and part-time photographer. They love spend travelling and taking pictures wherever they go, however COVID-19 made tourism very complicated as every country has their specific rules for entry or visa issuance. 

Mylene is very annoyed by choosing their travel destination by looking for entry restrictions of each country as it is sometimes unclear which website has latest an most correct information. It takes a very long time doing that and, eventually decreasing desire to travel.



Name: Jens

Age: 36

Occupation: Head manager in automotive company

Jens is a head manager in automotive company and required to travel a lot on business. Their destinations are countries in and outside of EU. They value time and doesn’t have enough of it researching where they can go freely and what documentation they need besides visa. 

Jens can travel more than once to a specific country during few months period, however due to COVID-19 most countries update their entry regulations very often so Jens has a problem to track changes. 



Name: Jiaxin

Age: 22

Occupation: Unemployed graduate

Jiaxin is a fresh graduate who wants to study Masters overseas. They were having issues applying Masters in one country due to COVID-19 entry regulations and having hard time choosing where they can actually go.

As some countries require new entrants to quarantine, Jiaxin has to plan extra budget and have vague expectations of facilities to undergo the quarantine.



Preliminary design

Low fidelity wireframes v1.0 - raw ideas of the user flow


Low fidelity prototype v1.0 - link to the prototype




1st usability study

I have created an UX Research Study Plan to test low fidelity prototype and find any flaws in functionality and determine the ways how to improve them. I want to find out what difficulties users may face while completing the main tasks of our my app: filling in their information on start, checking their eligibility for travel and setting up notifications about entry status of countries chosen by the users.

Research questions

  • How long it takes for users to complete sign up?

  • Are there any parts of the flow where users are getting stuck?

  • How quickly users can check their eligibility to travel?

  • Is it helpful for users to navigate back and forth the app?

  • Are all necessary functions and features easy to find and comprehend?


Study type


unmoderated usability study

Italy, Germany, Taiwan (all remote)




45 mins

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