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Project background

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, countries around the world swiftly implemented various travel restrictions, ranging from complete border closures to strict entry requirements based on nationality, health status, and travel history. These measures were frequently updated based on the evolving epidemiological landscape, leading to a complex matrix of travel regulations. Travelers found themselves needing to navigate a labyrinth of rules that could change overnight, leading to confusion, travel delays, and increased anxiety about planning any form of international travel.

The traditional methods of travel planning became inadequate as they could not keep pace with the rapid changes in travel regulations. Moreover, the stakes of non-compliance with these new travel norms were high, potentially resulting in denied entry, unexpected quarantines, or substantial fines.


Understanding the user

To ensure the CoviTrip app meets the needs of its diverse user base, it is essential to understand the varying motivations, challenges, and requirements of different types of travelers. Creating user personas is a powerful tool for empathizing with potential users and designing features that address their specific needs. Here are three user personas that represent a broad spectrum of the CoviTrip app's target audience:


Name: Emily, the Business Traveler

Age: 30

Occupation: Marketing Director

Travel Frequency: High (usually international)

Primary Needs: To stay updated on travel restrictions to manage a busy international travel schedule efficiently. Requires quick access to information regarding visa requirements, quarantine protocols, and vaccination acceptance.

Challenges: Balancing travel requirements with tight schedules and last-minute trips. She needs real-time updates and a reliable source of information to avoid disruptions.

Goals: To ensure all trips are compliant with international health regulations without spending too much time on research.


Name: Mario, The Family Man

Age: 45

Occupation: Software Engineer

Travel Frequency: Moderate (family vacations)

Primary Needs: Plans international vacations with his family, looking for a safe travel experience. Interested in knowing which countries are safe and open to tourists from his country, especially concerning health risks and vaccination requirements.

Challenges: Finding travel destinations that are suitable for family members, including young children and elderly parents. Needs clear and concise information about health safety measures and entry requirements.

Goals: To plan hassle-free family holidays where all health and safety measures are clearly understood and followed.


Name: Mei, The Adventure Seeker

Age: 28

Occupation: Freelance Photographer

Travel Frequency: High (often to exotic and remote locations)

Primary Needs: Requires detailed information on travel restrictions and entry requirements for multiple countries, as her work involves traveling to less frequented destinations.

Challenges: Keeping track of various travel restrictions and ensuring all her documentation is in order for each unique trip. She often has to make decisions quickly and needs information that is accurate and up-to-date.

Goals: To explore new destinations without the stress of compliance issues or being stranded due to sudden changes in travel regulations.

These personas help the development team of CoviTrip to understand the specific features and functionalities that can address the unique needs of each type of traveler. For instance, Emily benefits from push notifications for immediate updates, Mario appreciates easy-to-understand visual guides and health safety ratings for countries, while Mei can use a detailed filter system to find specific information relevant to the remote locations she plans to visit. Understanding these users helps in designing an app interface and functionalities that are user-friendly, informative, and reassuring to all types of travelers.


Design Process

There are few good insights from user research and I will focus on their painpoints to iterate on the solution.

1. Customizable Travel Requirements Checker

With a few taps, users can select their travel destination, purpose, and personal health status (this one can be preselected at profile registration). CoviTrip then provides a tailored list of entry requirements, health protocols, and any necessary documentation. This personalized approach ensures travelers meet all necessary criteria before they depart, thus avoiding last-minute surprises and potential entry denials.

2. Interactive Travel Map

CoviTrip uses a color-coded system on an interactive map to visually delineate where users can travel based on their nationality and COVID-19 vaccination status. This intuitive feature allows users to quickly grasp their travel options, saving time and reducing uncertainty.

3. Notifications

CoviTrip will use notification to inform the user about current changes in immigration policy of different countries. User also can subscribe for notifications of a certain country they would like to receive updates in the entry status and make plans accordingly.


Making core wireframes:


Creating main flow, combining components, testing prototype:



Final Product
Travel eligibility check

CoviTrip will help user to choose his or her eligibility to travel to a certain country using such data as user's nationality, residence and travel purpose to provide the most accurate and up to date information regarding entry requirements and overall Covid-19 rules established at the destination country.

Interactive travel map

CoviTrip uses a color-coded system on an interactive map to visually delineate where users can travel based on their nationality and COVID-19 vaccination status. This intuitive feature allows users to quickly grasp their travel options, saving time and reducing uncertainty.

User-tailored notifications

Whenever user is checking the specific country for entry requirements, and if user cannot travel there due to the very strict quarantine or just entry prohibition for foreigners, he can subscribe for notifications about this country to follow up all updates regarding entry measures to stay up to date and travel as soon as travel ban lifts.

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