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Diamond Feline


This brand was created to deliver consumers the best experience from package to the product.

To give the brand more unique and memorable feature we have used cats from the office of brand owner. (well, except one)



It is quite hard to find a line of cat litter products in the market with very clear and distinctive features of each product. It's even harder to find a brand where products actually have different features - most consumers are really confused when they come to the store and always buy cheapest item.


Logo consists of tho different typefaces and are quite opposite to each other. "diamond" is using heavy duty typeface to emphasize on the strength and top notch features of the product while "feline" represents grace and elegance inherent in cats.


First of all, we need to make each product equipped with different looking package with consistent branding elements to help customers not only find the right product among the brand easily, but also easily find the brand among other brands on the shelf.

To improve user experience, the package has the handle in the top corner and zip lock with easy tear strap on top. The bottom design helps package to stand out on the shelves in the store showcasing its front part to the consumer.



The idea to make each package look different but keep the brand recognizable came to my mind after I interviews couple of consumers coming to pet shops for cat litter and complaining that they see lots of packages that look same and buy the cheapest one. Also, I used to buy tea that has a very wide selection of flavors packed in very distinctive packages but with recognizable brand pattern, so this gave me some

aha moment.

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