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The packaging for TED's pet food brand embodies a celebration of Italy's rich heritage and natural beauty. Drawing from Italy's storied tradition of excellence in gastronomy, TED's sources its ingredients directly from local Italian producers, ensuring high-quality, authentic flavors for pets. This ethos is vividly captured in the package design, which features detailed pencil sketches of the serene Italian mountains as a backdrop, symbolizing the purity and origin of the ingredients.


The story.

In crafting this unique packaging, we wanted to convey a timeless tale of love and care for our animal companions. Pencil sketches of a dog and a cat bring an artistic yet intimate touch, highlighting the close relationship between pets and their owners. Gold accents for the dog food packaging and violet accents for the cat food packaging offer distinctive elegance and help consumers effortlessly differentiate between products while adding a sophisticated visual appeal.



TED's innovative packaging is not only visually striking but also reinforces the brand's commitment to quality. By evoking the pristine landscapes where the ingredients are sourced, it strengthens consumer trust and loyalty. The differentiation in color helps shoppers easily select the right product while offering a premium feel, setting TED's apart on crowded retail shelves. Ultimately, this compelling design will leave a lasting impression on consumers, driving brand recognition and fostering an emotional connection that inspires repeat purchases.

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