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In this innovative project, we sought to create a packaging design for Broadreach that strongly emphasizes the health benefits of their pet food formula. We used a red cross as a universal symbol of wellness and care, clearly showcasing Broadreach's commitment to improving pets' well-being. Small silhouettes of cats and dogs grace the packaging, immediately identifying the intended consumers and adding a touch of playful character. A distinctive color palette—white for cats and dark blue for dogs—provides a clear distinction between the two lines while maintaining a cohesive brand identity. Delicate silver stripes in the background lend a sophisticated touch, emphasizing the premium quality of Broadreach's products.


The design story revolves around Broadreach's passion for manufacturing pet food that promotes a healthier lifestyle for pets. By incorporating the red cross, we convey this mission visually, signifying healing, care, and reliability. The playful silhouettes connect with pet owners on an emotional level, reminding them of the joy and loyalty pets bring to their lives.



This compelling packaging will attract health-conscious pet owners, reassuring them of Broadreach's dedication to pet wellness. The visual clarity between cat and dog foods aids in an effortless shopping experience. Furthermore, the design reinforces Broadreach's brand image as a trustworthy provider of quality pet nutrition, enhancing consumer loyalty and potentially driving growth in market share through increased recognition and trust.

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