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Let's grab a sandwich today?

"But I am allergic to dairy!"

"I need to watch out my diet!"

"They don't combine two or more meat!"

"But I'm vegan!"

And then I came up with an idea to design an app for a business that will serve fully customizable sandwiches and subs.

Just like you are making it by yourself, but someone else if preparing it for you.

Not only you have control over ingredients, but also you get the full info on nutrition and allergens. 

What's out there?

Competitor squad is tough, but not without weaknesses.

1. Jimmy John's offers nutrition facts in form of a large sheet with lots of data for all ingredients, but it is pretty frustrating to see it on the phone and calculate the totals yourself.

2. Jersey Mike's offers the nutrition values for their menu items, but doesn't offer full customization.

3. Subway only shows calories, and doesn't offer custom sandwich option too.


Persona 1

Sergey. Vegan and hardworking white collar. Company doesn't have a cafeteria, so he usually cooks himself, but at the same time he want to dedicate more time to his clients. There are no vegan restaurants around, so he thrives for some custom meal options.


Persona 2

Kristina. College student who is allergic to lactose and peanuts, feels frustrated eating at campus as there are very few options for her to choose from. Wants to control her diet more strictly. 


Let's jump to first digital sketch.

I made a of low-fi prototype skipping paper sketching (should save paper) and created a basic user flow according to the personas needs I got from interviews.

Next step is to test the prototype with 5 persons to get the idea what should be fixed before we start making hi-fi version.

User testing our product in low-fi helps to find usability problem early and hear from users what makes our product different from our competitors.

Insights and recommendations

Easy store selection

Simple store


Detailed nutrition


People wanted to see brief nutrition info and more detailed on click

Easier customization process

People wanted customization process to be easier

'Track order'


People wanted to track their order readiness after finishing order process

Pick up date and time

People needed to see not only pick up time, but also pick up date

People need a clearer way to choose  a nearby store from home page

What should be improved:

  • Remove map icon and leave ”choose store location” function to the user account settings and “start new order” function

  • Add brief nutrition facts (i.e. Calorie count) on the picture with the ingredient and more detailed sheet on click of nutrition facts link

  • Implement the whole customization process on one long page

  • Add “track order” function after payment

  • Add pick up date to the “choose pick up time” page

Updated prototype

Prototype was updated according insights got from the first user test.

There were two 0 priority, two 1 priority and one 2 priority corrections made.


High fidelity prototype

High Fidelity Prototype
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