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Dalian Subway map


Back in 2015 I have created a map for Dalian Metro that was opened same year.

In the very beginning it consisted of two lines - 1 and 2 + surface express train line 3 (opened in 2003).

By the end of 2015, line 1 was finished and connected with express train line 12.

in November 2021, line 13 was opened with connection to the express train line 3 and extended a convenient transportation option to the northern part of the city


For me, the original map was very hard to look at. It was like someone got the screenshot of Google Maps and added some colored lines on the map.

Transportation maps should not repeat the geographical layout of the map.



To make Dalian Metro map more appealing and functional, we should go away from the idea of following geographical layout of the area and switch to the goal of providing passengers how to get from one station to another (not showing them location on the map)

So far, Dalian public rail transit has 8 lines in operation, including metro, express train and light rail. I don't see any reason not to display all of them together.

There are quite a number of foreigners living in Dalian, to make this design inclusive, we must include English translation of station names together with Mandarin Chinese, that is local language.

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Below is the very first version of the map I have designed before even lines 1 and 2 started their normal operation. I have posted this version on local social media - Weibo and WeChat, and sent the concept to Dalian metro Group e-mail for consideration to work together on this map.

Couple of years after I saw that Dalian Metro Group has a new map printed out (on the left). Maybe it is a coincidence that both maps look alike, at the same time I don't reject a possibility that it was using my idea of how Dalian Metro map should look like. In both cases I feel proud and happy for local passengers.

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