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The Brand

The O'Loveit Pet Food package design is a showcase of a meticulously crafted packaging concept for a high-end pet food brand. This project aimed to create an exquisite and visually engaging package that communicates the brand's premium grade status via uncommon names for each product and using the scenery that corresponds to each flavour in different ways.


Conceptual Approach

The design concept for O'Loveit Pet Food is rooted in the idea of merging modern geometry elements and soft colors with beautiful scenery photos. The overall aesthetic draws inspiration from upscale gourmet food packaging while incorporating elements that resonate with the essence of pets' natural instincts and organic ingredients. The primary focus was on achieving a harmonious balance between elegance and authenticity.​



The O'Loveit Pet Food package design is an embodiment of modern geometry elements, nature, and devotion to pets' well-being. By combining exquisite aesthetics with thoughtful design elements, this packaging concept transcends the typical pet food packaging and positions O'Loveit as a true symbol of luxury and love for pets.


This project showcases  an understanding of the emotional connection between pet owners and their beloved companions.

Key Design Elements:

  1. Color Palette: The color palette revolves around rich tones and warm neutrals, evoking feelings of warmth and natural goodness. Earthy green, berry red, and creamy beige accents create a sense of luxury and organic connection. 

  2. Typography: The typography blends sans-serif typeface Rosario, that combines simplicity with elegance, with elegant Dancing Script, a coursive typeface used in meal names to emphasise the elite grade of the pet food.

  3. Illustrations and Imagery: The package prominently features real images of the core ingredients, such as succulent cuts of meat. These illustrations not only visually communicate the high-quality ingredients but also engage pet owners emotionally by reminding them of the nourishing goodness they provide to their pets. The background is using high resolution scenery photo that corresponds to every flavour.

  4. Texture and Material: The choice of packaging material is crucial in conveying a premium feel. The O'Loveit Pet Food packaging employs a soft-touch, matte finish that invites tactile interaction. Embossed details and spot gloss accents add depth and dimension, enhancing the overall luxurious experience.

  5. Product Differentiation: To distinguish between different pet food varieties, each variant is assigned a unique, nature-inspired color accent. This allows customers to quickly identify and select their desired product while maintaining a consistent overall brand look.

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